Values Regulations
1、Standing in the perspective of the customer but keep principles and base line .
2、 Being responsile for what we say and what we do ,especially trying to complete the target we set ,the task we promise to customer .
3.  Keep improving our working attitude if no will waste more time /cost to solve the problem which is unacceptable to customer.
4、 Time keeping which is the display of honest.
5.  Duly payment ,we must pay before the time we negotiated .
6.  Gain what we should earn when provide value added service .
7.  Respect ourselves , client and transmit our company value to them and keep learning professional knowledge to sovle the problem more simple .
8.  Trust our team ,never give up and maintain a positive attitude.
9.  Inform customer understand what we did and what is the problem currently .
10.  Being honest which can simplify complicated issues .honesty is a great power no one can deny ,in our team , no lie, no quibble and try to develop the ability of seeing through the appearance to the essence.
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