I Division has its own trailer, a container truck, bulk cargo vehicle, refrigerating car, model complete. To provide door to door service, warehousing, delivery service and short distance transport services and consulting business.

    Warehousing is critical in supply chain management, but it canalso be costly. Outsourcing can free up your resources so that you can devote more energy to your core competencies. ZHONGTENG can save you the cost of maintaining your own storage facilities and related overheads during periods when you dont need them. We provide 3rd party logistics warehousing services that can be scaled and customized to individual needs. Our warehousing services include: 

● Container packing and unpacking  
● Trans-loading and cross docking

● Palletizing

● Shrink ndle wrapping

● Sorting, picking and packing

● Bar-coding and labeling

● Inventory management and control

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